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Hi.  I'm a 1987 graduate of Chillicothe Beauty Academy.  Immediately after graduating, I went to work in Kansas City, Missouri.  After 7 years of commuting for an hour each way, I decided it was time to work a little closer to home.  I was lucky!  My grandma had been a beautician in my hometown, and had retired a few years earlier, but still owned her shop.  She gave me her shop, and I have been here ever since. Now I am a married mother of 3, with 7 grandkids, an almost remodeled hair/tanning salon, with 30 years of professional experience.


Hi!  I'm a 1989 graduate of Jerry's School of Hair Styling in Columbia, Missouri.  After working in Independence, Missouri for ten years, I moved north and found my niche in Hamilton.  I have been working at Hair Lodge since the early 2000's! .  I'm a mother of 4, grandmother of 4.  


Hi!  I'm a 2008 graduate of Vattorott in Saint Joseph, Missouri.  After working an hour from home, I decided to stop driving so far and work in  my hometown! I began working at Hair Lodge in 2009.  I have two children and many dogs.