Hair Lodge

Hair/Tanning Salon/Nails/Facials/Waxing

Visit Packages




Bed #2

1 Visit....$5

5 Visits....$21.25

10 Visits....$42.50

20 Visits....$80


 Bed #3

1 Visit....$6

5 Visits....$27

10 Visits....$51

20 Visits....$96


We offer 2 different beds at 2 different rates.

 Bed #2 is a 12 minute bed with 42 bulbs, 3 face tanners and fans. 

 Bed #3 is a 12 minute bed with 54 bulbs and 4 face tanners, including side tanners and a shoulder tanner, built-in speakers, and head, foot, and side fans. 

All Tanning Packages good for 1 year from date of purchase.
Current Tanning Specials
See our Facebook page for our current specials or call 816-583-2700.


 ****Tan- 1 Year-Any Bed= $350****

 ****Tan- 6 Months-Any Bed= $200****

Tanning Lotions

Lotions vary in prices.  We offer:



Hot Action Bronzers

Hot Action/Tingle Lotions. 

Samples of various lotions start at $4.